Message to Whites

Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About It

Message to Whites

"I wonder if the reason that most Americans settle for the type of war on poverty being waged today, with no clear definition or common goal, is that we don't want to think about it. Poor people of most stripes make us uncomfortable - the unpardonable social sin. So, we will condemn them to the hell of mediocrity and debasement, and pay handsomely for the privilege, as long as it keeps them out of our sight."

"I say indeed let's move on, but don't you dare tell me to get over it. Good or bad, our history is our history, and our suffering is our suffering. It is a part of who we are and in time God will us the spade of sorrow to plant joy and heal the brokenhearted. Reconciliation waits in the wings, but our wounds are not as old as you may think. We must be allowed to mourn for as long as it takes, even as we move forward together."


"The welfare system had some of its teeth taken out in 1996 under the welfare reform put forward by the Republicans in Congress, but the monster is far from dead. Time limits and work requirements are a step in the right direction, but the culture of Uncle Sam's Plantation is fed by the misguided policies of the left. As long as there are liberal ideologues in the halls of power, there is likely to be a long hard battle ahead for those of us committed to seeing poor people emancipated from a paternalistic system that robs them of their initiative, their freedom, and ultimately their hope for the future." P.97