Message to Blacks

Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About It

Message to Blacks

"34.7 percent of the 1.3 million abortions performed in America in 2000 were performed on black women-that's 452,000 black Americans murdered annually, with the whole-hearted support of these same black leaders. Let us hear no more patronizing nonsense about reparations from these hypocrites who support the slaughter of their own people."

"I say take the chip off your shoulder and believe that God, Providence, or even Fate brought you here for a reason, to do a job that no one else can do. For all our painful history, we bring richness to our nation and culture unlike any other group. This is not about politics; this is about faith, freedom, and opportunity."


"The welfare system had some of its teeth taken out in 1996 under the welfare reform put forward by the Republicans in Congress, but the monster is far from dead. Time limits and work requirements are a step in the right direction, but the culture of Uncle Sam's Plantation is fed by the misguided policies of the left. As long as there are liberal ideologues in the halls of power, there is likely to be a long hard battle ahead for those of us committed to seeing poor people emancipated from a paternalistic system that robs them of their initiative, their freedom, and ultimately their hope for the future." P.97